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How ATOM Works

  • Setup your campaign

    Select Timing & Budget

    You choose when to run and how much to spend for each campaign. Don't waste money running ads when you know your customers are asleep.

    Select Timing & Budget

    Campaign Definition. Select your maximum daily budget and choose when you want your campaign to run. You have complete control over the budget and timing so your ads fit your business's needs.

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  • Define your Ideal Customer

    Define Your Ideal Customer

    Reach only the customers you want to reach. Filter by age, gender, location, and interest. ATOM can target down to a 1-mile radius of any address.

    Define your Ideal Customer

    Persona Definition. Select the gender, age, and interests of your ideal customer. Then select the geographical location where you want your ad to appear – anywhere from country, state, or city down to a 1-mile radius from any street address in North America!

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  • Upload Graphic Banners

    Upload Graphic Banners (or use our handy banner creation tool)

    You control the branding and the message in your banners. Show your brand as you want it to be seen.

    Upload Graphic Banners

    Graphics Definition. Upload your graphic banners for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Include the link to which you want your customers to be directed when they click on your ad. Now all that’s left is to turn on your campaign. It's that easy!

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ATOM + YOU = Digital Marketing Success.

Cross Device

Reach your customers regardless of the device they're using – desktop, tablet, or mobile.


You know where your customer are! ATOM allows you to target locations that are as specific or broad as you need.

High Conversion

To maximize your ad performance ATOM will only display ads to the customers you want, in the location you want, and when you want.


You know when your customers are online! ATOM allows you to advertise to them at the right time to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.


Find your customers when they are looking! ATOM can increase the effectiveness of an ad by over 200% by placing it around relevant content.


You are in control of everything! Budget, timing, message - it's your business so take control of your advertising.

How does ATOM Stack Up to the Competition?

Access to all major Ad Exchanges
Geo-Targeting by Address
Real-Time Statistics
Schedule Ads by Time & Day of Week